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A new town, a new year, a new beginning.

Posted Jan 16 2010 12:00am
After a two month absense im back online and ready to get back into my blog. the pause was due to my partner and i moving house and technical issues with our pc's (they didnt like the move).

I should start of in saying that im back in the comfort of glorious Sheffield which can only be a good thing as all of my friends are around me now, this as you can imagine has lifted my mood and has made me be more pro-active in my personal life. saying that it has caused some issues with my benefits as they have been stopped for the time being as they investigate my current situation, but this should be sorted out in the next week or so! also it has forced me to be around groups of people again which im finding difficult as im no good at this at the moment. i think this has more to do with my depression than my stomach but that doesnt help either, its quite difficult to be in the same room as people when you in a lot of pain. this should pass as soon as my new doctor sorts me out but im not holding out much hope as ive been ill for over a year now!

Role on monday when i have an appointment with him.

All the best, Dave.
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