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A Most Amazing Rash

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:30pm

Bit of a rough bump currently.
Yesterday and last night was absolutely horrendous, so much pain and nausea. I had a doctor's appt. today, had my blood drawn, blood pressure up a bit because of the pain, nothing major and showed the doctor my perfectly round rash thing on my arm. It's a little bigger than a quarter and perfectly round. This impresses me.
How like me. Even my physical manifestations are nice and neat. Can't have irregular lines or shapes, would drive me nuts.
Up to that point the doctor had been talking about needing to go to the GI and might's and maybe's for this and that, and let's see what the GI says. That was when I showed him my rash and asked "What's this?". He said it was some incomprehensible term or another. And it totally got his attention. I wanted to rewind to where I hadn't shown him yet, I don't like excitement from doctors. It never bodes well and usually involves needles, tests, prodding and meds with weird side effects and pages of warnings.
He called in a young doctor so he could see the rash, apparently it was to be a learning experience for the new doctor. He said 'Thank you.'
Hey, not a problem. A doctor actually wanted to see me with my clothes on, and didn't attempt to poke and prod in my private bits, this was a good thing. Look all you want. Bring in the nurse, the janitor, your uncle. You can all look at my amazing circular arm rash.
The rash tipped the scales though, apparently it's a Crohn's thing. One I hadn't previously heard about. It's not a bad thing, just not a good thing. So back on the high doses of Prednisone and soon I'll be sporting the big fat face with the balloon cheeks again. Oh, joy. Well, it will be a change from the skinny, bony face I am sporting now.
Some of the blood tests came back after I got home and the doctor said, "Well, they aren't any worse." So that's a good thing, right? He said that some of the things were actually a bit better. This is good, too.
Anyway, I am tired and sore and miserable so if you are waiting for an email from me it will be coming tomorrow. This self-involved ramble took what I had left.
My email thing hasn't been working for most of the day anyway, I hate when that happens and am grateful that I only have to deal with it once a year or so.
I totally hate feeling mortal, you know that?
I am going to curl up with that dreadful book, it's a wonderful story but it's written in the victorian style which means long winded and I just don't have the concentration value for it but I do want to see what happens and I am too stubborn to give up on it and besides there are less than a hundred pages left.
Pain is coming back so off I go.
Talk more later.

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