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A clean colon is a clear mind - Ofuoma Odje

Posted Mar 29 2009 1:29pm

Without realizing it the state of our colon can affect our mood which in turn could alter our state of mind.

Drinking water regularly and if possible drinking homemade juice in the mornings and evenings can improve colon health.

Juices like grapefruit should be had first thing in the morning and for those who excercise right before excercise.

 I recommend freshly made at home for maximum potency.

Grapefruit juice contains cancer fighting compounds that can prevent colon cancer. Grapefruit in the morning and water throughout the day can help clear toxins that cling on to the colon.

 Grapefruit is know to interfare with certain medications, so make sure to check with you doctor before starting this regime if you are on any medications.


Ofuoma Odje

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