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7 iron infusions in the last 4 years due to iron deficiency anemia with unknown cause... any ideas?

Posted by sbm

32 y.o. female elite marathon runner who had exploratory stomach surgery (04) due to extreme instant pain, found a preforated dueodenal ulcer with unknown cause of free air in the peritoneal cavity, hospitalized on feeding tube for 7 days.  (no part of colon resended).  6 months post surgery iron dropped (no previous history of anemia/iron deficiecny) HMG 6.7, ferritin2 (no mense due to IUI for the next 4 years)... tried supplementation for the next year, developed heart murmur (no running) and then finally gave into MD's order for infusions (dextran).  Now 6.5 years later I am still having digestive health issues and have seen many Doc's (GI's- 4 colonoscopies, 4 endo's, 2 small intestine camera capsules- , Infectious Disease, Gyno's, Hemotolgists) with no anwers except for possible AVM's in the small intestine???  Not sure can't laser them except when active.

In the last 2 years I have been able to get back to running, doing well for about 8months of the year, the other 4 months I am fatigued (sleep 11-13 hours/day), poor vision, poor sleep, irritable, muscle soreness, hair loss, skin rashes, dizzy to name a few.  I have tried not running, gluten-free diets, supplementation, paleo diet... EVERYTHING!  I do not want to continue having only 8months out of the year mine.... if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  I have had iron dextrane infusions 7times since Aug of 06 roughly 7 months apart.... HMG is generally at 9-12 yet and Ferritin 3-6 at time of infusion.

 I work closely with a hemotologist and go in monthly for blood work, last month ferritin was at a 42, 2 weeks ago at a 15 (started to have dizzy spells and new skin rashes and tongue sores).... the only thing that is consistent in my pattern is that when my ferritin drops the frequency of my bowel movements go from 1-2x/day to 6-9x/day.  HMG number now is currently still at a 13.9 - which is great... but not significant in importance, infusions will change this time to sucrose vs dextrane and hopefully will be administered this next week....  please help or give any advise  (I know the food sources and supplements... told/believed not to be an issue... they are looking at no absorption of iron at all- though I do all the supplements and eat accordingly hoping it will help!).



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