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I have over five years of experience in the health and nutrition industry. I have also been my own experiment most of my adult life. I have tried many types of weightloss plans and have finally fine tuned my own that I know works and can be easily tailored to help anyone else lose weight and to... Full Bio
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Long Overdue post, Raw Parm Cheese and Sweet Potato Pancakes

I fell inlove with this amazing product several weeks ago. Whole Foods is like my sanctuary and they have an entire raw foods section that...

They're here! Irish Creme Chocolate Fudge Coffee Cookies!

Wow is that a LONG TITLE! lol These are by far my favs out of all of my creations. Except for the Blonde Brownies Cookies I created last...

Stayin true to my choices!

Last week I posted about my obsession with the scale a year ago and how I had to break away from it. I also talked about how I tend to get ever...

Scales, Body Fat, Clothes, Measurements. Which is the best approach?

Out of all of the blogs I read so many of them focus so acutely on "THE NUMBER" on the scale. Now I know a lot of people need to know where they...

Raw Blonde Brownie Cookies

These happened by mistake really. I was hoping to find a rum flavored extract and did not come out successful with my search! Don't worry...

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