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Diane S.

Creston, Canada
I'm 134 lbs. I went down to my ideal weight a few months ago. I was 125lbs. and felt my best, full of energy, and buying some new clothes. I need to get back to my plan, but I'm not motivated. Even Spring coming doesn't seem to get me going. Help!!
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Sep 24 2011 by Chrissie
Use your positives that you gained by losing weight - "felt my best, full of energy, and buying some new clothes". Use these as motivators. Think and feel how you want to be. As the saying goes, "We must become the change we want to see" xxx One step at a time, one meal at a time.. and just don't give up!! Love, Chrissie xxx
Aug 22 2011 by Jeff K.
You can do it!
Mar 14 2011 by Diane S.
I'm losing it, my mind not the weight. This weekend has been bad. I ate ice cream 2 times. Had pancakes on Friday. Generally ate big helpings of everything. It is Sunday night so I've started cutting back. This evening instead of ice cream I ate cucumber and  banana. Come to think of it I had bran flakes for breakfast. No ice cream. An apple for a snack. Seems like I might be getting back into it. Hooray! How are you doing with your goals?  The weather has really picked up here. Good for a walk
Mar 09 2011 by Chrissie
Hey Diane!! Don't wait for motivation to find you! Be the boss! Create it and focus on how fab you will look and feel - use visualisation as much as you can to create the motivation for yourself! Congrats on the fabulous results! Keep it up and good luck with the next step of your journey!! Chrissie :)
May 08 2010 by Chrissie
Hey Diane - great to hear from you! I think just about everyone has had a "walmart story" to tell! ehe.. not to worry about the walking - do you think next week will serve you better in terms of feeling up to it and having the time? My sugar controlling is going well (just having in controlled small doses - working well actually - no bingeing here yet, which is great for me! Chrissie x
May 07 2010 by Chrissie
Hey Diane - how have you been? How are you going with your exercise goals? Are you still enjoying your walking? Let me know, take care! :)
May 02 2010 by Chrissie
P.S. Or alternatively you could try dabbing a little lavendar oil on the inside of your collar - I find it helps calm and relax for when that night time sugar craving strikes (and is a little less disturbing for the neighbours) ha! Chrissie xx
May 02 2010 by Chrissie

Thank you so much for yr message, Diane! You can do this! To help with the "night-time snack-time" I find that screaming out at the top of my lungs, "I WANT ICE-CREAM, BUT CAN'T HAVE IT!!" is very therapeutic but you might want to lock up any small dogs in the neighbourhood before hitting the high notes...!! ehehe

May 01 2010 by Diane S.
I did much better at dinner tonight, than I have for the 2 months. I had an omelot with light cheese and fresh mushrooms. However night time is coming, my snack time. In Sept. 2009, I was 157 lbs then a changed a medication I was on. Lost 15 lbs in 2 wks.  That helped me decide to get serious. I lost the rest through determination. Now I've been stuck going back and forth at 135-138. I know I would lose this extra pounds, if I just listen.
May 01 2010 by Chrissie
Hi Diane!! Yes, walking in the fresh air is so invigorating! Enjoy all the sights and smells of being outdoors. I love feeling the crispness of fresh air all around me - makes ya feel ALIVE!! (sometimes a little 'too alive' in Winter...ehehe) :) All the best and keep us up to date with how you go! Chrissie x