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Diane R.

Newly 30. Public Health-er by profession. Linguist. Professional student. Writer. Mummi. Daughter. My own mother was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia in the early days of shock therapy and exclusion (early 1980s, yes, it happened even then). I write as a means to reach out to other MH... Full Bio
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Literalistically Speaking.

I'm 32. If you've thought I was younger, it was most likely because I lied about it. Age; this heavy meal, carried around from the outside in....

Got $10? Give 10.

Two years ago, I found out about NAMIwalk, a special walkathon coordinated by the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( NAMI ). I walked with my...

And sometimes we don't.

My mother makes hats. My daughter practices her letters. I listen to accents and the stories their people share. We’ve each plugged...

A Valentine's Request: Lie to me.

There is something my littlest valentine, Zora, and my longest-held valentine, Mummi, have in common, something that erupted in our shared genetic...

Short stack: say it (too/instead).

As a kid, I didn't say much. I thought much, but: I lived in my head, I zoned out. Much of the time, I still do. But I've lost the relative...

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