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Nov 10 2008 by Diane
Just became a member today but didn't have time to check out the site...hopefully will have time tomorrow & set some goals.  Have been eating pretty well during the week- same thing every day, but I'm good w/ repetition:  1 egg w/ salsa & lowfat cheese for breakfast, 10 carrots for snack, 3 oz. turkey & 2 cups frozen veggies nuked together & tossed w/ low fat italian dressing for lunch, 1/4 c. almonds for afternoon snack, and then dinner- usually fish or chicken & veggies.   Need to be better on weekends though!
Nov 10 2008 by Susan W.
Hi there!  I ate a banana today:) only 4 more servings to go for today!  What are your goals?

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