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I used to be morbidly obese and had a top weight of 305 pounds. Twelve years ago I finally got serious about my weight and my health, and lost 150 pounds. I lost the weight by eating healthy foods, exercising and paying special attention to portion sizes. I've maintained the loss through four... Full Bio
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What Foods Are On Your Off Limit List?

Some nutrition experts say no foods are bad and some say there are “bad” foods. I’ll just go ahead and tell you my opinion on this...

My Focus Was On The Junky Food

I admit it. I have a sweet tooth and it is something that I guard against by not baking very often, not buying junky food that I know I would be...

Is It Worth Trying To Lose Weight Over the Holidays?

The Hanukah and Christmas holidays are just a couple of weeks away. My house is ready (that’s my mantle below with homemade stockings), but I...

I Can’t Versus I Choose

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. I took time off from writing and just spent time with the family. After I ran the Turkey...

Is it the Thanksgiving Food or the People?

As I lost weight and learned to stop thinking about food every single minute of the day, I also learned something really important about...
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Feb 19 2010 by Scott W.

Awesome story from the email that was sent out. kepe up the great work


best, scott


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