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Malta, New York
I am a woman with Multiple Sclerosis who is currently retired from IT from a large corporation due to MS.  I have many invisible MS symptoms including neurogenic bladder, extreme fatigue. memory loss and multiple cognitive issues. My hobbies include Ham Radio and music (and too many... Full Bio
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Jul 21 2009 by BigDog

I am a man with Multiple Sclerosis. I highly recommend the benefots of Novantrone Chemotherapy treatments. After nearly 12 years lost sight in my left eye the Novantrone has returned about 20% vision after only two treatments. The downsides are a nausea that resembles feeling 'bloated', general fatigue and the fact that it is a three year long cycled treatment. The upside is an 82% total remission rate (No more lesions AT ALL!)

I'm not sure how a person can get Coca leaves legally here in the U.S. but Novantrone is available at most cancer treatment centers. Novantrone will likely put the disease into ful remission. Then again, it's always fun to get high if you can too. *Shrug*