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Cut your diabetes risk by following a... Recent research focused on the important role that a Mediterranean diet may play in preventing type ...
Oct 21 2010 2:52am
Mediterranean diet is really very helpful for preventing from type 2 diabetes. The... more
Nov 01 2010 2:24am
Mediterranean-style food approach better than... Here's another interesting study focusing on the positive impact that a healthy eating-style may h ...
Jul 22 2010 2:33am
This is really interesting study! I can imagine how it can help someone in my... more
Aug 05 2012 6:50am
Mediterranean diet helps control diabetes  I've just read an interesting feature about mediterranean diet and its positive effects on contro ...
Apr 19 2010 9:37am
type 2 diabetes and heart attack Hi everyone! I hope you don't mind my post. I'm trying to learn more about the link between type ...
Dec 14 2009 12:52pm
Great question and YES there is a direct link.  Type 2 Diabetes results in a metabolic... more
Feb 01 2010 1:43pm, what runs in yours? This site has a tool that helps track diabetes that runs in the family: ...
Mar 04 2009 11:22pm
New Treatment for Complications from Diabetes Living with the everyday strain of a difficult health condition or disease can be overwhelming but ...
Mar 04 2009 4:12am
boy did someone dump a load of bull on you.  Diabetes 2 is a progressive disease that is... more
Nov 22 2009 10:26am
Blood Glucose Monitors You can get glucose monitors at discount price from Internatioanl Drug Mart.  It would be useful for ...
Dec 23 2008 2:08am
i also have 7 of them!!! isn't there a place to recycle them or sell them? more
Sep 01 2009 7:41pm
Stevia From equal to splenda, Stevia is the best sugar substitute and most recommended sweetner for diab ...
Dec 03 2008 3:06pm