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When it comes to death rate from diabetes, gender matters

Posted Dec 23 2008 10:21pm

When it comes to death rate from diabetes, gender matters yes, you get it right and women are hit hard by this death rate disparity from diabetes.

This conclusion is the result of an analysis of three large databases that included 29 years between 1971 and 2000. As per the findings of this analysis, where death rate among men with diabetes has plummeted, at the same time death rate among diabetic women has gone higher, making the whole issue quite tangled. According to this analysis, there has been noticed a reduction of 43 percent death rate in men with diabetes while death rate among women hasn’t come down.

However, what stands behind this gender based death rate disparity is proving to be a tough question even for the experts. In the words of study author:


The reasons for the gender disparity are unclear.

However, they don’t fail in giving different reasons behind this gender based death rate disparity among diabetics. Giving reference of different studies where some experts hold the view that women receive comparatively less aggressive care when it comes to treatments, meant for heart disease and risk factors, associated with it. At the same time, some state that due to different biological structure women require somewhat different types of treatments.


Conclusions, looming out of this study don’t sound too precise, as there seems lack of conformity between different studies, conducted on this issue. Still, we could say that there lies a new hope as death rate among diabetic men has gone down. Well, as far as this rate among women is concerned we could say that much work remains to be done.

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