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What is the best medications for Diabetes type 2 and High blood pressure type 2

Posted by Jennifer kuan

Hello doctors,

My husband has unstable  BP fluatratuating from 120/85 to 220/110 and blood sugar at FBS from 7 to 13... His doctors have checked his urine and blood and find his kidneys and liver to be normal. He has been taking Norvase 10mg and ternormin 110mg , daonil 05mg for three years. But recently after coming back from a two months expedition in Europe., he had a relapse and was hospitalised for three days with very low sodium ( need two packs of sodium dip). After being discharged, he has changed his medications every three to four weeks because his BP went up to 220/110. His present medications are Aprovel 300gm ( one), DiamicronMR 60, Metoformin 850 x 2, Isoptin Sr 240 ( one) , Physioten 0.4..Recently his right foot is swollen and doctor said is gout. Since his parents are diabetes, he has been cutting down salt and avoid sugary foods. Please help me ..We are very worried why with all these medications; his BP and glucose are not under controlled .. Your profession opinions are very much appreciated.


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