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What causes swelling in my ankels and legs?

Posted by fjohnmj

I have type II diabetics I'm on metformin, Furosemide,Losartan, Glipizide and Lipitor can the combination of these medications cause the swelling, what can I do to help the swelling go down?
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The medicines that you've listed don't usually cause swelling in the ankles & legs.  In fact, furosemide, sold as Lasix, is supposed to help you get rid of excess fluid/swelling.  


Heart failure, kidney failure, and/or liver failure can lead to swelling in your ankles & legs.  So can venous insufficiency, eg damaged blood vessels, typically from blood clots.  Gravity can do this in just about anyone who stands on his/her feet all day long.  Of course, trauma can cause swelling.  So can infections.  Acute blood clots can do so (as well as lead to long-term swelling).  Consuming too much salt might aggravate the issue.


Best to chat w/your family physician and express your concerns.  Good luck! 

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