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USDI -- The United States Diabetes Index

Posted Apr 01 2011 10:24am
They say it has been recently launched -- it was news to me. However, the "USDI" shows that 80% of diabetics reside in just 20% of the zip codes in the country. For example, we recently discussed the "Diabetes Belt" here .

Dr. Gary Puckrein is the USDI developer and the CEO of the National Minority Quality Forum. He's as good as any politician at dancing around the obvious. I say its highly unlikely he finds another miraculous explanation for higher rates of diabetes in areas where there are greater rates of obesity, poor food choices, non-compliance with medical advice, less contact with healthcare services and lack of exercise. The following excerpted paragraph is a great example of what seems to be wrong with many facets of society -- there are simple answers to a considerable number of society's problems, but "political correctness" prevents them from being spoken. How much money is Dr. Puckrein going to spend to reach the obvious conclusion that he just can't seem to put on paper or speak out loud? Of course, that's just my opinion -- I could be wrong.
Why certain areas are most affected, Dr. Puckrein says, is a question that has no answer as yet. "The obvious response is obesity and lifestyle, but I'm not comfortable with answers like that. First of all, the underlying science is not there to make those kind of quick generalizations about why these populations are the way they are. The smart thing to do is to take a look at these communities in depth and try to get a better understanding of why the prevalence is the way it is, as opposed to giving snap answers that really have no basis in fact."
Read about all the "ins and outs" of the "USDI" here .
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