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Think Healthy Thoughts

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:12pm
Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

This phrase was coined by Emile Coué, a psychologist and pharmacist, who introduced a method of healing based on autosuggestion, which is the suggestions you give yourself or the thoughts you hold in your mind. Coué noticed that he could improve the effects of a medicine simply by praising its effectiveness to a patient. He saw that those patients to whom he praised the medicine had a marked improvement over patients to whom he said nothing. This began his exploration into the power of the imagination and autosuggestion.

Patients with all sorts of ailments would visit him. These included kidney problems, diabetes, memory loss, stammering, weakness, atrophy, and all sorts of physical illnesses. He also found that while his patients were being cured of specific ailments through positive autosuggestions of health replacing previous negative suggestions of sickness, other ailments, illnesses, aches, and pains disappeared. This is because of the words ‘in every way’ in his healthy, powerful phrase.

Patients flocked to him for a cure. Before coming to see him, they had heard about his “magical” cures and most patients came with open and receptive minds. Many patients would achieve immediate success. Coué would clearly explain to his patients that he possessed no power; the power lies within themselves. In short, one is what one thinks. This “magic” is within ourselves. We all have this “magic” ability to heal ourselves through the power of our imagination and the thoughts and feelings we hold in our mind and believe in our heart.

I first heard this phrase when I took a Mind Dynamics course in the early 70s. We were taught how to enter our subconscious mind to open up the innate powers we all have within us. We were given what was called a beneficial phrase to repeat every time we entered our subconscious mind. The phrase was Coué’s phrase: Every day, and in every way, I am getting better and better. This beneficial phrase is a positive affirmation; the more you repeat it to yourself, the more your mind will act on it. This is a very basic premise in metaphysical thought: You create your own reality. What you hold in your mind turns into what you actually experience.

I changed Coué’s phrase to be in tune with my belief that I was already better—in my mind. I didn’t want the ‘getting better’ part; I wanted to be completely better right away so I changed it to: Every day, and in every way, I am better, better, and better. I added the extra ‘better’ because your subconscious mind likes repetition; it acts more quickly on the suggestion and heals you faster. These are very powerful words; simple little words that played a big part in turning my diabetes around. They can turn your diabetes around, too.

You can use any positive affirmation that you feel good about, one that you believe will work for you. My favorite affirmation that I repeat to myself many times a day is, “I’m perfectly healthy.”

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