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The Toyota Tundra that landed in our house

Posted Aug 26 2011 10:12am

We live on a busy street just north of Dallas.  Friday morning, August 26, a drunk landed in the front hall of our house, taking out the double doors, the study and the garage door.

WP_000039 (2)

I screamed hysterically when I saw smelled and saw the truck.  Imagine waking up at 2:00 am to find a very large pickup in your house.  I alternated between being upset about the house, telling the driver I was going to kill him and screaming for the dogs.

They were in the truck when I went in the office and grabbed gym clothing while calling 911.  I think I told them there was a truck in my house, and that I didn’t care if anyone was hurt.  They sent EVERYONE out.  Ambulance, fire trucks, police.  Captain Murphy was super.

Husband snagged Macy and tossed her in her room.  Dulce made it to the living room and was crying, Rich was able to find her, hand her to me and I stashed her with Macy.  Maggie apparently followed me, because the firemen found her in her favorite hiding place.  The firemen and I put the dogs in the upstairs cages, and left Maggie alone, as they wouldn’t believe me that she wouldn’t bite them, or hurt them if she did.  She has very little teeth left.

Rich made it out the front window.  We couldn’t go out through the yard.  And we couldn’t go out through the garage.  They had to bring me shoes, since the debris was all over and I hung out on the deck until Rich could open the fence.  Note to self, need a different way to latch the gate.

My first call was to my real estate sister, but she didn’t answer.  Then I remembered that we just got a bill for the Umbrella Policy and it had claim numbers.  So I called them.  They’ve offered us a place to stay, but am hoping to stay here.   They also sent someone to board up the house who is doing an excellent job and building a new structure around the house.

If you want to visit us, you’ll have to call first, and we have to put in some solutions in place.  Also have to figure out how to deal with the mail.

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