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The beauty of the west lake

Posted Nov 17 2012 6:48am

"West lake to the west, DanZhuangNongMa than total fitting." Yes, this is with beautiful hangzhou.

Spring, the shore willow germinationlongchamp online, toward the lake stretch the tender branches, in the breeze gently shaking. The lake of lotus leaf, grow pale green leaves, like YiMeiMei floating on the lake of COINS. Look carefully, still can see the lake has a few little fishes, leaves in the shuttle play, on the lake slowly swing out of the ripples.The sun shone on the lake, shiny silver, beautiful!

Summer, the lake lotus gradualness to open. When seen from afar, blossomming bud bud, slightly open petals, in the breeze low eyebrow shrine; And the day before already open the lotus is raring to shu valve lift core, will own beauty develops acme. At this time of lotus leaf, is also the most green, like the beauty of the skirt is placed, swaying in the wind, And as a YiBaBa umbrella, for lotus below frolic the fish shade from the sun.

Autumn, the lake of lotus leaf began to slowly turned yellow. Lotus also gradually withered, the petals fall off gradually, become each green lotus seedpod. I sleep in a lot of baby, opened their clothes were revealed the pointless white lotus seed. Lakeshore on both sides of the maple leaves, in the autumn wind flutters lightly, as only beautiful butterfly. Firmiana and ginkgo results, that table tennis, the size of the fruit, very lovely.

Winter west lake, that was a "wonderful!" On both sides of the river bank willow, a phoenix tree, there are only dead branches and in the winter the morning mist, like a hung up the cream as. Only the mountain near the plum blossom but don't fear cold to quite in the branches, added a aloof and proud. If encounter snow day, see snow falling slowly in bai causeway, thick, like a white carpet, extend forward. Snow attendance, bank of snow began to change, but you will find that both sides of the embankment of the snow melts completely different, that is "the west lake ten scene" in "the can-xue". Heard that there is xu xian and the legend of the white niang son......

Hangzhouwest lake scenery and pleasant throughout the year, it is a picturesque good place.


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