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Spring campus

Posted Nov 02 2012 6:11am

Hope for a cold winter, warm dre by beats spring has come at last! Spring campus suddenly become vibrant, look brand-new.


The flower "holding hands", to "meet" the each also spring!


Graceful mangnolia slim and graceful, some just expansion LiangSanPian petals, like a shy "little girl", some full launch, snow-white petals intermediate "clip" a golden flower core, still have a plenty of bud, petals cover tightly in the middle of the flower core, as in and we hide and seek!


The plum blossom also refuse to admit being inferior, its red still deeply in light white, white like snow, red such as chardonnay, can be beautiful! The brilliant red camellia branch head in in full bloom, a breeze blowing, it is nodded approvingly...


Trees "growth activity" also of the curtain was opened.


Trees lush, for spring give offer a piece of green...


Small Chinese littleleaf box change can bring three green clothes, stand in strong tree, show is very weak, but it has no sad, also did not cry, a pair of "isn't afraid of", the way of fun! Ginkgo leaves, like YiBaBa fan, kumquat tree give us brings us a delicious fruit...

I walked on the path, the breeze blowing, the mood is the more relaxed!

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