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Sports Reporter Gets It Right

Posted Apr 30 2009 11:41pm
We often cringe a bit when reading diabetes-related articles in newspapers and magazines. There can be some "mis-information". However, Bob LeGere, of the Chicago Daily Herald, looks like he took the few minutes to get things right in his story about Jay Cutler. The story centers on whether the Bears' new quarterback should be drinking alcohol.

First, we'll note we had been excited to see Cutler do well last season, with the Broncos, once his diabetes was diagnosed and managed. We were, however, a bit embarrassed to see the almost childish behavior exhibited by Cutler after his new head coach in Denver publicly stated he might be open to considering some competition at the QB position. Cutler, essentially, "took his ball and went home" -- he refused to communicate with the Broncos' brass and coaching staff. Eventually, he was traded to the Bears.

Read LeGere's article

I would make one comment about one excerpt:

"People think that when you drink your blood sugar goes up, but it actually goes down," Dr. Abboud said. "That's why it's a good idea to snack if you're drinking."

Keep in mind Cutler is a Type 1 diabetic. The statement, about the impact of alcohol on the blood sugar, does apply more often to Type 1 diabetics. However, in Type 2 diabetics, the opposite can be true.Yours truly, with much-appreciated assistance at the time, investigated that phenomenon and published the findingsas summarized here.

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