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Skeeter -- May He Rest In Peace

Posted Aug 23 2010 7:30am
Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.
~Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Thanks to all for the kind words these past few weeks as Skeeter's lymphoma progressed. We're proud of the fight he put up and he seemed to be comfortable until the end. No, we never did check, and it didn't matter, if he had become diabetic while taking the large doses of PREDNISONE.

Skeeter always kept his head up (sometimes, with help)....

..... especially when doing his laps

He'd look you in the eye ......

...... unless he was sitting for his portrait

He was always "watchin' for wabbits" ......

...... and checking out the horses on the farm next door

He'd always let us know when the water bowl was empty

.... and now we'll have that empty feeling

He added so much to the family. He'll be in our thoughts often .... just as Bullet has been these past two years. I'm going to have to get used to having breakfast alone and doing yard work without my supervisor. And, who will chase the deer and rabbits out of the yard?

Skeeter (March 24, 1999 -- August 23, 2010)

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