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Oprah's Parvo puppy -- One of the many reasons I don't do rescue

Posted Mar 21 2009 3:39pm

I've been hearing the stories about Oprah's puppy and I know what she is going through because I went through it myself.

I've actually had a series of three rescue dogs that make me not ever want to go there again.

The first was Rory -- a red, short haired border collie that I got from a local bc rescue.  I told them I wanted a turn key dog that I could do agility with and I got him.  I should have realized he was too much when he attacked sprinklers and vaccuum cleaners. He was a really tough dog that shook my truck when we were in traffic. After over 8 months I sent him back because he never got any better and he was driving everyone in my house crazy.

He went to live with an agility competitor, did very, very well, and everyone involved was very happy.

The second was a beagle pound puppy.  I drove all the way down to south Texas, and got the female from a litter of puppies that had been dumped at a shelter.  The next morning, I got up and started training it.  By noon, it was dying from parvo.  I kept it alive but barely, and went through the moving from vet to vet for a couple of days.  I finally took it back to the people I adopted it from as they would not accept that I felt the dog should be put down.  It died and so did all the other puppies involved.

As a result I couldn't get another puppy for over a year.

The last was Maggie.  She still lives with us, though she's lost an eye and I threaten to put her down every spring.  She does much better on Xanax.  And yes, I've already threatened to put her down.  She is terrified of thunderstorms and is impossible when there is one in the area.  She's broken a crate and ran through the fence, tearing a slat out of it. 

Next puppy is going to be a relative of Macy's, one that is a failed conformation dog, because Macy has worked out SO well.


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