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Opposite Life Reboot!

Posted Oct 03 2013 12:04pm
Well, I'm back!

[Picking bits of barnacle shell off of my back.  You'll have that from a keel hauling. Captain Wordswench and crew are none to gentle...]

But where to restart?  Rebooting a blog is kind of like rebooting one's fitness routine, so I guess I just need to dive back in and start writing something.  The "big catchup" seems daunting, just like the idea of getting back into running.  So I guess I'll do a brief re-cap, and hopefully flesh some of those out in the coming weeks.

[I really wanted to post something yesterday, October 2, for so many reasons.  But my first draft was interrupted here by Thing 1, who was having trouble sleeping, and Mr. Handsome-and-Handy, who is desperately sleep-deprived and just wanted to go to bed already...

...It's now October 3.  I will take 5 minutes and post SOMEthing.  Because something is better than nothing, right? ;-D]
Um, did I say "brief"?  Oh well!  Hope all you crickets have a great day!
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