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More pump shopping and improvements

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:32pm

Cozmo called me back already.  It seems they are in network now.  So right now, Animas and Cozmore are tied.  Money isn't an issue, coverage is the same.

One thing in Animas's favor is that I know their tech support, I am comfortable with the Inset infusion set and I like the idea of the Ping, however, I'm not hearing good things on Ping (love to hear from Ping users). Their technology is newer and screen is easier to read.

Cozmore's user interface is better, and so is their computer interface.  Their customer support reputation is good.

If Medtronics CGMS were covered and if it worked well, I would go with it.  I have requested a trial of it, so we'll see if that happens.  I really doubt the CGMS will be covered, but then Cozmore surprised me that they were in network.

Still leaning towards Animas with a big maybe on the Cozmore.

Diet Gourmet is back.  Have had two of their meals but don't have carb counts yet.  Have an email out to the home office about that.  Will probably be guessing a lot for the next 5 weeks.

Still walking daily, and slowly improving time, but had to do it in three sets yesterday.

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