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Modest Alcohol Intake May Reduce Risk Of Diabetes

Posted May 26 2010 2:41am 1 Comment
Healthy adults who drink one to two glasses of alcohol per day have a smaller chance of developing one form of diabetes than those who abstain from alcohol, according to Dutch research published on Tuesday.

A ten year study of 35,000 individuals, between the ages of 20-70, showed a 40% reduction in Type 2 diabetes risk if the subjects met 3 out of 4 other "conditions of healthy lifestyle" (non-obese, adequate exercise, non-smoking and a balanced diet).

We would wonder how powerful the impact of alcohol truly is when individuals do demonstrate 3 of the 4 other qualifying criteria (all of them significant risks for Type 2 diabetes).

Keep in mind it has been shown that excessive alcohol intake may increase levels of insulin resistance and, therefore, raise the risk of Type 2 diabetes -- click
here to review that.

The current Reuters article is here .

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Hmmm interesting revelation, as it is a known fact to the whole world that consumping too much of alcohol leaves bad effect on our health but little intake from time to time does help body to fight back against deadly diseases. 
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