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Mediterranean-style food approach better than drugs for diabetes

Posted by Misia

Here's another interesting study focusing on the positive impact that a healthy eating-style may have on diabetes.

According to new research led by scientists at the University of Otago, in New Zealand, a healthy approach to food may be a more effective measure than drugs for patients with unsatisfactory control of type 2 diabetes.
By studying about a hundred overweight or hypertensive patients with HbA1c of more than 7% despite optimised drug treatment, scientists found that a tailored dietary intervention was able to achieve a 0.4% reduction in glycaemia and also a substantial weight loss after six months. The results were observed both in patients following a high protein diet and a Mediterranean diet.
The dietary intervention produced results that were as good as those seen with additional medications. Another benefit of the dietary approach was the weight loss, as opposed to weight gain and other adverse effects of drug regimens, scientists said.


The study suggests that patients should be encouraged to modify their eating habits towards a healthier pattern in order to get a better control of type 2 diabetes. A good option is a Mediterranean-style eating, that several research has shown to be an effective measure in preventing and curing not only diabetes but also many other chronic diseases like cardiovascular disorders and obesity, which are caused largely by improper food habits.

More details on the research here:

To find out more about the Mediterranean diet, its dietary principles and most common recipes, here's a good website to take a look at:

By signing up and giving information about your lifestyle and food preferences, you can also get a personalized eating plan, provided by a team of nutritionists from the SISA (Italian Food Science Association).
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This is really interesting study! I can imagine how it can help someone in my situation..

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