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kleer wireless earphones

Posted May 04 2013 6:12am
It wasn’t so long ago that employment stability was the hallmark of an emotional maturity and reliability. After all, our parents and their parents were of the mindset that if you did a good job, then that was you set up for life. sms audio sync 50 cent Those days are well and truly gone now and today’s culture lends itself to doing a good job, but only short-term. New skills are quickly learned then taken elsewhere and the average time spent by the younger workforce is 2-3 years in any one job. Most people expect to change jobs several times in their working lives, and some may even change their career. We are healthier today and are more productive longer so we have time to gain experience in several types of work, not just one. The marketplace changes so rapidly that many careers today are unrecognisable from their forms even 5 years ago, and some have even disappeared altogether! Some people are being forced into transition for many reasons, sms audio wireless headphones not least of all by the world recession that well over one year later is still looming over the world. So, is it too late to change your career at 50? Speaking as someone who did and has never looked back, I say most definitely not. I feel more productive now than at any other time in my life. I have many work and life experiences under my belt and have accomplished most of the things I wanted to. For many years however, I knew I wanted to do something different with my professional life. I knew I no longer wanted to work ‘for’ anyone, I wanted more control over my life and I most definitely did not want to commute to work every day. So, I chose to work from home within online marketing and have never looked back. My one regret is that I did not find this wonderful business opportunity years ago. What is the best career change for someone at 50? Make a list of the elements of your current work that give you satisfaction? kleer wireless earphones Is it the people you work with? The tasks you perform? They way you feel about yourself when you achieved a goal? The geographical location of your job? The nature of the industry? How your work benefits your customers? By doing this, you will draw up a list of what your motivators and strengths are and will reach a conclusion of the type of career you want versus what you most definitely do not want. Once you have done this exercise, then a free career self assessment tool can be found at What career change opportunities are available for someone over 50?
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