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Jill Knapp's Fit Tip- The Go Wear Fit System!

Posted Sep 29 2009 10:33pm

I was at the gas station the other day and I had to ask this lady what was on her arm. I knew it was not a pedometer because I have seen so many of those. I did not think it was a MP3 player unless some new style came out that I did not know about!! So I asked. She said it was the
Go Wear Fit System. She then went on to say It has changed her life. She stated she is not good at counting calories or keeping track of how many calories she is burning. She went on to say it even tells her about how much sleep she was getting and if it was efficient enough for her.

I found this to be pretty interesting. She said it's simple to use and well worth the investment. She has lost over 30 pounds so far and had a glow as she was speaking about the system that worked for her. I thought I would just share this because different things work for different people. I have now noticed people wearing them around town. It may work for you!
Go to the link below and listen to what is said about the Go Wear Fit System!!

Go Wear Fit System

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