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I'm taking several medications including statins, diabetic meds. and pain meds. I have constipation and piles. Please help!!

Posted by smarti

I have Chiari malformation that has been decompressed and problems with sensory deficit on the right and some bowel and bladder issues related to not feeling or controlling these. I have had apainful shingles on the left of my face/neck, unfortunately narcotics have to be part of my pain meds (I have managed them for nearly 8 years). Because of a loss of mobility I have Diabetes 2 and, as you can imagine I'm very depressed. Constipation is becoming an even bigger problem than everything else. Stool softners, a high fibre diet, Metamucil, Preparation H, and drinking lots of water don't seem to work well enough and I dread every bowel movement and it hurts a lot when I do 'go'. I'm getting more miserable by the day. I do take various nutritional supplements. I don't think they can make things worse - can they? Anyway I'd appreciate whatever help you can offer. I do know the general things about not overusing laxatives, increasing fibre and liquids, as well as trying to increase exercise - as well as the reasons why. My neurologist, neurosurgeon, GP, and other specialists focus on the 'big' issues but this is one they don't address despite my need for help. I am/was a college teacher and author who is now on permanent disability, thanks to a good insurance plan in Ontario. I am an obese 58 years old and have 2 adult children and a slim diabetic partner!.

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