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I have muscle pain in both upper arms....I take Zetia 10mg. daily; can I stop Zetia to see if my pain goes away; should I stop?

Posted by Diane31645


 I take Amaryl 1 mg. twice a day. I also take Zetia 10mg per day....Do you think the como of the two is causing muscle pain? I also sometimes get foot cramps in my arch of my feet; also very painful.....

I would prefer to take homeopathic supplements and get off medications that have side effects; so what works and what does not work?

There has to be a reason why my upper arms hurt so much; it feels as if I moved heavy furniture and I overused muscles; I just want to know what is causing this pain and what I can do to relieve the pain. Aleve or Advil helps; nothing has helped me. I am a 64 year old female.

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