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i am having boardline diabetes what dose that mean?

Posted by hus

i wont to no what is boaredline diabetes?
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It is the point where you have to take the time to sit down and really think about what you are eat. If you are eating food that turn into sugar like breads, starches, cakes, candy, than you will have diabetes later in your life. I really don't know what your diet is like and I really can't say how far down the road you will get it but you will unless you change your diet to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

I was told when I was in my late 20's if I continued eating as I was I'd have diabeties by the time I was 40. Well, I continued and at 47 was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I isn't fun. I have to watch what I eat now and if I eat even a little sweets my blood sugar reading goes through the roof. So now I have to check my blood several times a day with my blood glucose meter and I have had to give up a lot of the foods I really enjoyed eating. I love sweets and bread but I can't eat much if any now.

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