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Hypoglycemia - Low blood sugar

Posted Jan 19 2010 3:32pm

Hypoglycemia, also called low blood glucose or low blood sugar, occurs when blood glucose level drops below required normal levels, it is dangerous if untreated.


Hypoglycemia can produce an inadequate supply of glucose as fuel to the brain, resulting in impairment of brain function. Low blood glucose effects can range from feeling bad to seizures, unconsciousness, and rarely may cause brain damage or death.


Hypoglycemia Symptoms

Symptoms of hypoglycemia low blood glucose may vary because low blood glucose can be mild, moderate, or severe.


  • Shakiness
  • Nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort
  • Palpitations
  • Headache
  • Feeling of numbness
  • impaired judgment, anxiety, moodiness, depression, crying
  • Fatigue, weakness
  • Difficulty speaking, slurred speech
  • Stupor, coma, abnormal breathing


Hypoglycemia Causes

Hypoglycemia causes may be due to number of reasons, the most common being a side effect of drugs used for the treatment of diabetes.


  • Diabetes medications – Insulin or oral medication that increases insulin production causing excess insulin production and lower the blood glucose level below normal.
  • Fasting or small meal or delayed meal.
  • Too much of physical activity than normal.
  • Have excess alcohol beverage.


Hypoglycemia Test

If you experience the symptoms of hypoglycemia, then confirm it by Hypoglycemia tests that is measuring the glucose level in blood. If it is lower than 70 mg/dl it is an indication for hypoglycemia.


Every diabetic patient should know the symptoms of hypoglycemia, particularly once they experience hypoglycemia episode. They should note down their symptom and if they came across beginning of those symptoms, then immediately should test their blood glucose level using blood glucose monitor.


If the blood glucose level is lower than 70 mg/dl, then it indicates hypoglycemia and need immediate hypoglycemia treatment.


Hypoglycemia Treatment

Hypoglycemia treatment is to increase the blood glucose level back to normal by consuming glucose rich food.


Once the symptoms and blood test confirm hypoglycemia, then the blood glucose level should be brought to normal by rising it by consuming glucose tablets or any other food rich is sugar or glucose.


Hypoglycemia Prevention

Hypoglycemia prevention is possible if one is strict in their diabetes care or management, also should know the symptoms of hypoglycemia to correct it at mild hypoglycemia stage.

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