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Gym and Physical Therapy

Posted Sep 04 2010 8:38am

First, it looks like someone is picking up the treadmill later in the day.  I had resigned myself to keeping it, so it will be differnt.  I have it folded up and out of the way, but it's relatively easy to move.

I've been to LA Fitness everyday since I got my membership. I have changed my daily routine and am working out before going to school.  Okay, it was only 5 days, but I have proved it is doable.  I do have to plan hard to make it work, but I am getting better at it.

I "re-pack" my gym back as soon as I get home from school and put it back in the truck in case I want to use the gym again.  I keep a shoe bag with workout shoes in the truck, and I keep three towels, a swim suit and gym gear in the bag.  I really the gear at physical therapy but more about that later in the post.

I have a second bag where I keep my hair stuff in, and I need to put spare diabetes supplies in there.  Wanted that today.  I put my clothing for the next day in that bag, and last thing before going to bed is pack my contacts (forgot them  on Thursday).

So it works.

Today, I got up and did an hour total or cardio -- 40 minutes on the bike and at leavel 2 for 35 of it -- and 20 minutes walking in the pool.  Then soaked in the hot tub and out.  Plan to do the same on Sunday and Monday.

Phyical therapy is going well.  In fact, next week is my last week of two days of therapy -- and it will be nice to get some more time back.  When I do physical therapy I am lucky to be home by 6:30!  I do two weeks of one appointment a week and then a break for a while.

It's going well. I have very little knee pain now, can run, at least long enough for agiity and standing longer.  I've resigned myself to working out on the stationary bike and they advised me to increase resistance before I increased time and that if I coud get in 35 minutes a day that would be great. 

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