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Green is the Color of Healing

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:12pm
I found a new blog last week that has really good vibes. Jules of Golden Reiki wrote a post several days ago about creating an orb of life that is just beautiful. The gist of it is that you imagine a ball and fill it with positive energy. When you sense that the ball is full, you allow the life energies to fill your body. You direct the energy in any way you wish.

After reading his post, I decided to create an orb filled with life energy and the healing color of green and send it to my brother, Don. (See my previous post.) I did this meditation outside where there is a beautiful, healthy tree with a round shape that is flowing with life. I simply meditated on the tree, imagining that all the healing energy of nature and the universe was filling a sphere--a large bubble--with a pure green healing light.

When I felt it was ready, I closed my eyes, saw my brother Don in my mind’s eye laying in his bed at the hospice, and sent the healing ball of energy to him, seeing the sphere gently hover over him and then enter his body and flow through him, renewing and replenishing him. Will this cure him? No, because he has already accepted that he is going to die soon. Will it make him more comfortable? Yes. I spoke with his doctor a few hours after I sent Don this healing ball of energy and the doctor said that he seemed much better, that his spirits were lifted and he was happy.

This is a very powerful meditation which you can use to renew and regenerate your life-energy and to put your natural healing abilities into motion. It is limited only by your thoughts and beliefs. Allow a healing green light to enter your body, mind, and spirit; feel it flowing through you. If you are sending healing to someone else, send it with the thought that this is for that person’s highest good. You can’t heal someone else unless they want to be healed. You can heal yourself if you want to be healed.

This meditation offers you one way to tune into healing energies but there are so many ways to heal yourself. Please use it as a basis for creating your own healing meditations, ones you feel comfortable with, ones you believe will work for you. Or just make up a healing meditation or a visualization. You already know how to do this. You don’t need instructions--unless you feel that you do--because your body knows how to heal itself in harmony with your mind and spirit. Just sit quietly and listen to your body; listen to your feelings; listen to your thoughts, and go with the flow. Healing occurs first in your mind and then in your body. All your body needs to heal is for you to want it to be so, for you to believe that you can heal yourself, for you to allow it to be so, and for you to simply accept the healing within your body, mind, and spirit.

Copyright 2008 by Gloria Chadwick. All Rights Reserved.
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