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Posted Aug 24 2008 1:48pm
According to the folks at the best way to keep your liver from dumping glucose into your bloodstream at night is to eat *GREEN BEANS* right before bedtime. Go ahead, have some butter - just a little - on them, too.

The green beans have tryptophan, an amino acid that makes serotonin, which, in turn, keeps the water balance in your body steady. They also have fiber and no carbs.

I tried the green beans, and I am happy to report that my fasting blood sugar the next two mornings was under 125 - in the non-diabetic "normal" range.

So, my liver wants green beans at bedtime! Hah! Guess I will give it what it wants.

And the water cure continues to work well for me, making my post-prandial readings less than 140 on average - again, totally normal. But this assumes that I am eating 5 small meals per day, sticking to my 25gm fat, 100 gm carbs, and 100 gm protein on a daily basis, and taking my alpha lipoic acid and reishi mushroom and a good multivitamin/mineral complex, and 10 gm Omega 3 fats, flax and fish oil. I also eat a protein bar before going for my daily walk (5 gm fat, 15 gm carbs, and 15gm protein) and if I overeat at any time, I have extra water and salt, and walk the extra calories off. Thirty minutes of walking uses up about 150 calories for me, I am 5'9" tall.

It is still lots better than taking insulin. And I have half a pancreas to work with, so this means anyone who is just "Type II" can pull this off and avoid the trail of tears that comes from insulin, the resulting increased insulin resistance, and end stage diabetes, with loss of vision, kidneys, and toes.

Better to adapt the food to what the body wants and needs, take the water cure, and avoid medications as much as possible.

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