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graves disease and hypothyroid,fibromyalgia,reactive hypoglcemia, high cholesteral

Posted by murphy1957

i would like to know how to gain my weight back, i lost 20 pounds and found out about hypogleciemia, at night time i have beenexperiencing night sweating and the area is my head,thyroid area and chest, does that mean that my blood sugar is low in middle of the night and when this happens my ear is ringing and wont stop, i want to gain weight i am 5 8 119 pounds ,how can i gain the weight back, i beleive i have hashimoto disease are the blood tesst for weight loss problem, can a doctor prescribe a stronger vitamin to help me, i have learned to eat 5 times daily due to graves disease and people laugh  because i have opposite problem due to hypothyroidism,
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