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Experts Call For Increased Standardization Of Insulin Pump Management

Posted Nov 19 2010 5:59am
We would agree based on some of the situations we "inherit" as pump-treated diabetics transfer their care to our office. We've seen some "interesting" pump set-ups and methods of usage.

Pump therapy has now been available for 30 years or more. However, use is beginning to rise significantly and guidelines for selecting, training and managing patients must be considered.

A consensus statement published by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists addresses these problems, and experts said they hope that it provides a context for the tool’s use in clinical practice.

“More and more patients are using insulin pumps, but currently no guidance exists on what to do in terms of both appropriate patient and provider selection and the issue of safety,” George Grunberger, MD, chairman of the AACE Task Force on Insulin Pump Management, told Endocrine Today.

“There is a need to provide some balance to the messages that patients and providers receive,” he said.

Most helpful will be guidelines regarding use in children and Type 2 diabetics as well as a clear message that insulin pump therapy is not the "magic wand" that removes the daily responsibilities patients must maintain (attention to diet, exercise and self-monitoring blood glucose).

Currently, no standardized guidelines exist for which providers can prescribe insulin pumps, and any physician today can prescribe an insulin pump, even without any experience with its use, according to the task force.

Grunberger highlighted how a lack of medical supervision and inappropriate patient use may complicate insulin pump use, leading to adverse events that are otherwise preventable.

As noted above, we've seen the outcome in a few of these patients .... and it's not favorable.

The full article is here .

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