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Does Diabetes Have the Better of You?

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:12pm
Who is in control? Are you in control of your diabetes or is your diabetes in control of you? While it’s important to control your blood sugars through healthy eating and exercise, and sometimes insulin shots, you can help to control your diabetes simply with your attitude. If you feel that diabetes has the better of you or that your diabetes is out of control, then guess what!? You’re right. Your diabetes has the upper hand and is controlling you.

You have the absolute power to choose to control your diabetes rather than the other way around. The way you perceive your diabetes is the controlling factor. If you look at diabetes as a disease, a losing battle, then you will lose the battle and you will have a disease. If you look at diabetes as a condition that helps to make you healthy, then you have the better of your diabetes.

It’s your choice. You’re the one with the power to decide that yes, you can control your diabetes. You can make your diabetes part of your healthy lifestyle. You can choose to eat healthy. You can choose to exercise. You can choose to have a healthy attitude. You can choose to self-empower yourself and be in control. You can choose to change your mind, to have a positive outlook, to make the decision to put the power to control your own life in your hands. This is something that is so easy to accomplish.

Once you take control, once you give yourself the power to control your diabetes, an amazing thing happens. You do have better control over your blood sugars. You do have better control of your diabetes. You have the better of diabetes! All you have to do to achieve this is to simply know that you’re the one in charge. Once you assert yourself and accept your ‘I’m in charge’ attitude and follow through with positive actions, you can be better because of your diabetes.

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