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do I have type 2 diabetis? Every time I eat/drink sugary drinks i have problems breathing

Posted by joshdahunter

Anytime I drink wine or non-diet energy drinks it seems like I am having trouble breathing. I also eat high sugary foods to go to sleep, such as cheesecake or cookies.
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overtime = overnight

Hi Josh, 


When you have trouble breathing after consuming something, do NOT consume it again, whether you have Diabetes 2 or not. It is most definitely not good for you. From what I can tell your diet is very very bad. And unless you want to set yourself up for some serious health problems and early death (you are already experiencing health problems!) you need to make changes. It does not have to happen overtime, but try to make at least small changes every day/week and month. You will be healthy before you know it if you do the right things! Trust me, you will feel so much better in so many ways, I strongly believe that once you can experience life, how it feels for healthy people, you will regret every single day you spent like this. If you need any specifi advice on what to change do not hesitate to ask me or your doctor!


If you wonder whether or not you have Diabetes 2, you can do some tests yourself to figure out a good answer. Buy yourself a glucose monitor: (only $12) and some extra test strips:  

 Then measure your blood glucose first thing in the morning. You also get a great idea about your blood sugar when you record it every hour after you eat something. Record all the data! You should be able to see nicely how your glucose rises after you eat and then decreases as you take up glucose into your cells. Based on these numbers you can tell if you have Diabetes 2. But remember, Diabetes 2 occurs gradually. So if you are above normal levels (even when below "Diabetes range") you have health problems and need to make changes, or you will most likely end up having full blown Diabetes! 

Here are some guidelines in terms of the numbers: And remember, just because you do not have Diabetes 2 (line is drawn somewhat arbitrarily) does not mean you are healthy and you will not suffer the consequences. 

 Feel free to ask more questions!


- Christina

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