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Dieting your way to diabetes

Posted Jun 29 2010 7:55am

It seems so bland. Harmless. A “healthy” fat-free, cholesterol free food that’s relatively low in calories and fills you up. Seems like the perfect healthy-diet food.


Except…it’s not.


In fact it’s anythingbut healthy. And even worse it could lead you to develop diabetes.


Seems we are the victims of a whitewash. And this deception comes to us in the form of white rice.


I know, I know. Sounds crazy. White rice…the stuff surrounding a healthy sushi roll. How can it possibly be bad for me? But trust me when I say you should go right now and clear it out of your pantry. And while you’re at it cross it off your grocery list permanently.


The reason? White rice is essentially a naked, nutritionally barren, starch.


This stuff is about as far from natural as you can get. You may as well be eating a Twinkie for all the nutrition you’re getting.


In fact, according to a recent study, published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, by making one single change…replacing the white rice you eat with a variety of whole grains…you can send your risk of developing diabetes plummeting by up to 36 percent!


If you simply make a switch from white rice to brown you’re still ahead of the game with a healthy 16 percent drop in risk.


You see, when you strip healthy rice of its nutrient-bearing brown layers you’re also stripping away its fiber, essential fatty acids, and phytoestrogens. In other words, the very things that scientists believe have a protective effect against diabetes (not to mention a host of other conditions from heart disease to cancer).


The refining process then polishes away most of the remaining vitamins and minerals destroying nearly all of the B vitamin content and slicing in half the iron, manganese and phosphorous levels. What’s left is a highly processed pale excuse for a food that sends your blood glucose levels skyrocketing and is leading you down the road to diabetes.


One of the best things you can do for your health, and that of your families is to never put this white menace on your dinner table again.


Going against the grain,


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