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Diabetes is Doable

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:12pm
Many people with Type One and Type Two diabetes may feel as if dealing with their diabetes is a constant, day-in and day-out struggle. They hate that they have this disease and may feel overwhelmed, especially after being recently diagnosed, and the despair may grow over time. Whether you're new to diabetes or you've been living with it for a while, I'd like to share some of my philosophies with you to show you how I, and many other people with diabetes, have come to see it as a blessing, rather than a curse.

What I'm proposing is not some new-agey, airy-fairy type of program, but rather working in harmony with your diabetes instead of working against it. Even though my background is in metaphysics, I respect that my body lives in the real world. I also respect that we have the power to heal ourselves. It's important to follow the advice of your doctor; what I'm offering is an adjunct to following a medically-sound program. I'd like to show you how you can live in harmony with your diabetes, and perhaps even become more healthy because of it.

I feel very passionate about this subject. I have Type Two and was diagnosed 2-1/2 years ago. At first I was devastated, having watched my mother and brother suffer from the complications of Type One. I thought I was doomed to the same fate, even though I knew that Type Two is much less serious. After I went through all the emotions of denial, grief, anger, depression, and feelings of being completely overwhelmed, I finally reached acceptance.

Acceptance was the doorway that led me into becoming perfectly healthy. Acceptance was the key that showed me how to live in harmony with my diabetes. Acceptance gave me the momentum and propelled me into the desire to take care of myself in a much better way than I had in years. Acceptance showed me how to heal myself. When you accept what is, you give yourself the power to create what can be. We all have this wonderful healing ability within ourselves. I decided to be completely healthy. I began a lifestyle change which incorporated healthy eating habits, daily exercise, positive thinking, and meditative imagery. Today my average blood sugar is 88, well within the normal range.

Because I know and believe that you can turn Type Two diabetes around and improve your health dramatically, I'm writing a book about this and have created this blog to help you manage your diabetes in a holistic manner. The term "holistic" means that this healing program cares for more than the health of your body; it also cares for your mind--your attitude and feelings, and your spirit--the wellspring within you which you draw your inner strength from. Diabetes affects not only your body; it affects your mind and spirit as well.

Through this blog, I'll be offering you suggestions for living in health and harmony with diabetes. I'll be talking about acceptance of your diabetes, which is perhaps the most important part of being healthy. I'll be offering you ways to see your diabetes in a new light--in a positive manner and show you how to incorporate diabetes into a healthy lifestyle. Towards that end, I'll be including recipes, the latest information in diabetes care, exercise ideas, positive affirmations, guided imagery, and healing meditations.

I'd like to hear from you. Please leave a comment; tell me what you'd like to see on this blog or any questions you have about diabetes and how you can make it a doable part of your life. If you prefer, you can contact me at

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