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Day 1 of "7 Days of Fitness and Fun"

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:00am
Or, "Fear Factor: The Gym Edition"

(Dedicated to MizFit and SeaBreeze , my MizFit's Bumbling Band motivational buddy. Yes, I did it!)

Stunt 1: Presenting the Coupon
Last night after work, I marched myself next door to Gold's Gym (yes, it's literally next door to my workplace) and presented the coupon for my FREE "7 Days of Fitness and Fun."

Gold's Gym is quite the amazing place. It's intense. And not a little intimidating. There are 3 studios: cardio, spin, and pilates/yoga. There are large, complicated, scary-looking machines. There are weights. There are mirrors. There are large-screen TVs with suggestive music videos. And there are serious fitness people there.

The front desk staff kindly recommended redeeming said coupon on the first day I wanted to work out. I told them that yes, tomorrow would be better, and did I need to schedule an appointment or anything? Nope, just c'mon in. Great!

So I prepared my kit and (thanks to tuning into Bumbling Band commentary on I-forget-which-thread) included a hand towel for wiping down equipment. I forgot flip-flops for the shower, so popped into the drugstore on the way into work. Salubriously, the last pair of summer flip-flops were in MY size. Why do coincidences often feel so contrived?

At lunchtime today, I once again marched over and presented coupon. Got a tour from a nice staff member named Joey. The trial offer included a personal trainer session, so I met one of their trainers (Dave) and have a session scheduled for Friday morning. He seemed nice, a fellow coastal resident like myself. I didn't have a lot of questions yet, but I'm sure I'll get some assembled by Friday. It sounded like he helps people figure out a good program for them, and he's one that specializes in basic newbie training programs, so I'm hopeful it will go well. I'm pretty sure they don't want to scare anyone away.

So far, so good. No one asked where I summered or told me that I could not order the duck. (References from one of my all-time favorite movies, L.A. Story, if you didn't recognize them.)

Stunt 2: The Workout
On to the locker room. Not crowded. No mean girls from Jr. High School up in there. The coast was clear. And yeay, they had some coin-locks! I didn't need to worry about anyone swiping my ever-so-fashionable work clothes. (*guffaw*) I changed and headed onto the floor.

Ohhhhh my gahd. Which of these scary-looking machines could I figure out to do a quick workout? Ah, some recumbent bikes. (I did a long run this morning, so I wasn't in the mood for anything too intense yet, and tomorrow is my strength day.) I hopped on and figured out how to get a 30 minute fat-burning workout started. Nice! I pedaled and pedaled. I liked the heart rate feedback. I think I might have done something wrong, because it said it would increase resistance to help me make my target heart rate, and I felt almost no resistance at all. I felt like I was going to take flight at times...probably would have if the pedals had been attached to rotors. Oh well, I'll ask about that on Friday, I guess.

Stunt 3: Showering in The Locker Room.
I'll save you the TMI body anxiety issue details. It was a little more crowded. And why did the towel hangers get placed so far from the shower stall? Ack! But everyone seemed to be mostly interested in their own business or in Martha and her guest gilding acorns on TV. So, with the chant "I am a growna-- woman...I am a growna-- woman" pounding in my brain, I accomplished the final stunt.

I emerged from the gym (after finding the "Out" turnstile)...heart still galumphing a bit, but standing a little taller, and about 160 calories lighter.

More later....
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