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CRESTOR May Be Protective Against Heart Attack And Stroke

Posted Dec 12 2009 3:25am
The FDA claims CRESTOR, AstraZeneca's cholesterol-lowering product, lowers the risk of death, heart attack and stroke in patients without a history of heart disease.

However, the FDA notes a slightly higher risk of diabetes in patients using CRESTOR (2.8% versus 2.3% in the placebo group, but this difference was statistically significant).

But one FDA reviewer suggests that diabetes is a side effect of all drugs in that class, which include Crestor, Pfizer's Lipitor and other cholesterol-lowering pills.

"It is this clinical reviewer's opinion that the treatment benefit observed in the Jupiter trial outweighs the risk, but further clinical trials are needed to further
define this benefit-risk ratio," writes the unnamed reviewer.

The full article, noting a few additional concerns, is

However, if CRESTOR begins to be treated like many of the diabetes medications, we'll expect to see many more articles bashing this drug. At the current time, we're using CRESTOR more and more in the practice as it seems to be the best tolerated of the statin medications (less complaints of myalgias, or muscle aches, from patients using these drugs).

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