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Caring for parents and understanding Type 2 Diabetes

Posted Apr 11 2009 3:38pm


I am caring for my parents who were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes many years ago.   As their caregiver I often visit the American Diabetes Association to learn more.   They write, “Finding out you have diabetes is scary. But don't panic. Type 2 diabetes is serious, but people with diabetes can live long, healthy, happy lives.”   They also offer a useful book, A Field Guide to Type 2 Diabetes that is a great resource for those caring for a parent diagnosed with the disease.


I’ve also met with a dietician  to gain a better understanding of the diabetic diet and their eldercare health needs.   She taught me how plan meals while caring for my parents, the important role fitness plays and why, when and how to monitor blood sugar.  


I’ve learned all these skills while caring for my parents, but even those of us who are not diabetic have reaped the benefits from these eldercare resources. I’d like to share some senior assistance and eldercare nutrition resources that offer tips that would help many providing in home care.


These senior assistance resources offer caregivers and those caring for parents with special dietary or eldercare needs the freedom to still enjoy treats without jeopardizing their health.   For example, one day my parents were fondly recalling my Grandma’s sugar cookies that they hadn’t had since being diagnosed with diabetes.   I went online and used the to see if I could update the recipe to a healthier eldercare version by making a few changes.   With a few adjustments I brought the calories down to an approximate 30-calorie per cookie instead of 94.      The original and updated recipes are below.


Grandma’s Sugar Cookies




    1 cup of butter     -- adjusted to 1 cup of margarine

    2/3 cup of sugar -- changed to equivalent amount of Splenda

    1 egg                   -- changed to ¼ cup of egg replacer

    1 tsp. of vanilla

    1/2 tsp. of salt

     2 1/2 cup of sifted flour





   1. Cream together butter and sugar

   2. beat in the egg

   3. add vanilla, salt, and flour

   4. mix ingredients until well blended

   5. chill dough 3-4 hours before rolling

   6. preheat oven to 350 degrees F

   7. roll out dough and cut

   8. bake about 8-10 min or until barely colored



Have you changed your recipes while caring for parents?    Share your caregiver ideas, comments or questions in the comments below.  
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