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Blood pressure pills could prolong diabetic's life: Study

Posted Dec 25 2008 3:53am

Millions of people are suffering from type 2 diabetes world wide and the number of people dying due to cardiovascular diseases and strokes is equally high among the diabetics.

People suffering from diabetes could live longer if they took blood pressure reducing drugs routinely irrespective of whether they were suffering from hyper tension, according to stu
dy. The drug reduces complications such as heart diseases and strokes and thereby increases the chances of longevity.

About 11,000 people with type 2 diabetes were followed for about four and half years by researchers of University of Sydney . The patients on trial among whom half of them had high blood pressure were given either a placebo or a daily pill combining 4mg of a blood vessel relaxant called perindopril with 1.25mg of a diuretic called indapamide.

It was found that the death rate due to cardio vascular diseases among people who took the blood pressure reducing pill was 3.8% when compared to 4.6% of those who were on a placebo. Death rates due to any other cause also fell among those who were on blood pressure reducing drugs.

We gave blood pressure lowering therapy to patients with diabetes irrespective of whether their blood pressure was high in the beginning. Previously, virtually every study has been in patients with hypertension, but a high proportion of diabetics don’t have hypertension.

This study suggests there’s a case for considering this treatment routinely for patients with type 2 diabetes.
says Stephen MacMahon, a professor of cardiology at the university’s George Institute, where the trial was coordinated.Of course, prevention is better than cure any day and people would be better off if they made lifestyle changes by concentrating on their diet and by being physically active instead of spending their entire life popping pills!


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