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Are hallucinations a possible side effect of a diabetic coma induced by low blood sugar (blood sugar was 18)?

Posted by celticlady

A 72 year old woman with Type 2 Diabetes fails to properly monitor her condition and to eat regularly.  She becomes unconscious one day and goes to ER w/low blood sugar.  They stabelize her and send her home.  The very next day she falls asleep at home after fixing her husband breakfast, but not eating anything herself.  They can't wake her up so take her sugar and it is only 18.  They call 911 and she is again taken to ER.  Once revived she tells everyone about her granddaughter being at the house, in the ambulance and in the ER with her.  The granddaughter is 2 hours away.  This poses the question how common are hallucinations in events like this?
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