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Another Car Accident

Posted May 26 2010 9:53pm

It gets worse.


I was off school and headed for the chiropractor who is fixing me from a rear-in collusion that happened on May 9th.  Lady yelling at her kids hit me at a light.


I needed something to eat as I wasn't going to be home and decided to try Long John Silvers (they do a plank of fish and fries for 2.15 after tax and I only ate a couple of fries).  Was waiting for the order when the rear of my Escape went airborne, was slammed forward at least 1 1/2 car lengths and landed.  Guy behind me hit his accelerator by accident.  88 years old, former marine and couldn't hear a word I said.


I totally freaked when my car went airborne and starting screaming and didn't feel like stopping.  Long John Silver's called 911.


A very nice Dallas PD cop did an accident report and explained to me what happened -- basically his car slid under mine.  Long John Silver's gave me a horrible drink free (sugar free, no carbonation, nasty stuff), but it was wet.  While the cop did the accident report I ate the fish.  Thankfully I did because I didn't get to eat until 10:00.


Did go to dog agility but it wasn't pretty.  Mostly went for the sympathy.


Everything hurts right now, already called in sick.  I'll have pictures of the other car later.

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