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Announcements of Diabetes Diagnosis of Celebrities

Posted Apr 12 2010 3:17pm

We've got at least one diabetes blogger who likes to announce when celebrities are diagnosed with diabetes.

Frankly, it seems like gloating, and it seems wrong to me.  Unless the celebrity has issued a press release It really isn't my business or anyone else's.  Isn't that what HIPPA is about?

Why do I bring it up?  Well, it was announced on an entertainment site this morning that Brett Michael's daughter was diagnosed with diabetes on the show, Celebrity Apprentice.  Well, she wasn't.  I know, because I actually watched the show, and they left the test results as a "cliff hanger".

The diabetes blogger in question announced it on twitter, and linked to the inaccurate website.

Celebrities have announced in public that they have been diagnosed with diabetes.  This is usually done after they have become a spokesperson for a diabetes organization or product.  Charlie Kimball comes to mind, who tweets as @RacingWithInsulin and is sponsored by Novartis.  Patti LaBelle is another one, she is a pitchewoman for a blood sugar meter.

I would not be surprised if it is NOT announced one way or the other if the daughter is diagnosed, unless she has already planned to be a spokesperon.  That is entirely possible.  As it is, her privacy has been broached by her father, even if it was for a good cause.

Really love the way Michael Johnson's situation was handled.  They never mentioned what his son's problem was (and I do believe he is a minor).

CORRECTION:  Novo Nordisk (not Novartis) is actually his official sponsor, and his Twitter account is @racewithinsulin (just slightly different from what you listed in the post).

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