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About Diabetes Mellitus and an accurate nursing diagnosis

Posted by Tarelah

My tutor and I had a very interesting discussion related to the right Nursing Diagnosis for an elevated Blood Sugar level of 11.2 mmol/l in a Type 2 Diabetic patient. We both agreed that it was a Nutritional imbalance, the problem is that my tutor thinks the patient has a nutritional excess of sugar/ glucose, while I believe the patient has a nutritional deficit of Insulin. My argument is that since the patient's pancreas is not producing a sufficient amount of insulin to allow the blood glucose to be utilised by the body's cells, he has a cellular deficit of glucose and insulin. The patient is hospitalised (not for his Diabetes), taking Diamicrom once daily and currently on a Diabetic diet.
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can u give me 2 nursing diagnose and also the nursing intervention for glucose monitoring? please!!!!!
it's Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements r/t decrease in reuptake of glucose.
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