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A Classic "Full Moon Week"

Posted May 01 2010 3:29am
It started out with an insulin pump failure as discussed here .

We had two of the classic "I took the wrong insulin" events as described here .

We had one of the classic situations in which a patient came to the conclusion they were allergic to a medication ..... a medication this patient had been taking for 8 years. By the way, we disagree with the patient's assessment of the situation.

We had a patient decide, on their own, to make multiple adjustments in their insulin regimen (which did not make much sense) and now places them a significantly greater risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

We had one of our insulin pump-treated patients end up in a hospital in another state. The treating physician, admitting she had been unaware that insulin pumps are in use, called to request I teach her how to operate an insulin pump .... over the phone.

Finally, we had our call regarding a schizophrenic patient we have followed for more than 20 years. He is housed in a skilled nursing facility. We were called about an abnormal blood sugar. We established, long ago, but never reported here, the pattern of calls regarding this patient. It's interesting to note that 65% of all calls about abnormal blood sugars (outside the pre-set parameters of high or low) come on the exact date of the full moon each month. In addition, 90% of the calls come during what we refer to as the "full moon cycle days", as described here .

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